Bowls etiquette

Etiquette on the Greens

Lawn bowls is a sport that encourages social interaction and friendship.

While there are concrete rules and laws of play, there is also a softer side known as etiquette that simply means displaying ‘’good sportsmanship’’.

This is achieved by having knowledge of what behaviour is acceptable in the game and applying it using common sense, honesty, fairness and consideration for others.

Some of the common etiquettes for the sport of bowls include:

  • Always be on time or notify club of your delay
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Avoid damage to greens by not dumping your bowls
  • Avoid leaving the rink for long periods of time, notify skipper
  • Always greet your opponent with a handshake and a friendly smile before the game
  • Do not rest feet on the plinth or sit on the bank
  • Do not enter on to adjoining rinks without advising that you are doing so
  • Do not distract a player who is on the mat preparing for delivery
  • Remain still at the head to avoid distracting your own team and opponents
  • Do not show disappointment or enjoyment at bad bowls played by anyone
  • Body language can affect team confidence so remain focused on the game and your team
  • Do not interfere with the head until the result of the end has been declared
  • Collect all mats and jacks and return to the usual distribution point
  • Offer your immediate opponent a drink after the game

Remember to treat all opponents with courtesy and respect and above all, enjoy the game!